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The Waveserver® family of stackable interconnect platforms delivers more capacity and lower power for high-growth, bandwidth-intensive applications. The Waveserver family provides massive scale to meet the surging capacity needs of the most demanding cloud applications and data services. With a simple, server-like operational model leveraging open API programmability, the Waveserver family eases platform integration and facilitates volume deployments. 
1. Provides massive scalability and high performance with Ciena’s innovative WaveLogic coherent technology
2. Enables unique, industry-leading per-wavelength capacities, as high as 800 Gb/s
3. Increases total fiber capacity with increased spectral efficiency and support for C- and L-band
4. Offers ultra-low power per bit to reduce ongoing energy costs
5. Provides a suite of management interfaces and open APIs for automation, provisioning, management programmability, and ease of back-office integration
6. Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) simplifies on-site commissioning and service provisioning to get traffic up and running quickly
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